Nathan Young


New Life Church, Middlesbrough, Church, Graygarth Road, Berwick Hills, Middlesbrough TS3 7QE, UK

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Middlesbrough is a traditional northern town that has been hit hard by the closure of industry. 49% of Middlesbrough’s local communities are classed as highly deprived – more than any other town in England. More than anything though, these communities lack a gospel witness, and the people need hope.

In 2013 New Life Church was planted with the aim of reaching some of the more deprived estates in East Middlesbrough. While some of the church’s members are from the area, others have moved into the local community, seeking to share both their lives and the gospel with the people of East Middlesbrough. The church runs numerous groups for children and families, a football outreach, bible studies with people who’ve never read it before, and has a ministry working with single-parent families.

Nathan Young joined New Life in 2015 and now pastors the church. Although he’s originally from Cheltenham, he’s learnt how to live and pastor in a very different culture. He enjoys seeing people get to grips with God’s word and is excited to see what will happen next through New Life Church.