Joe Pearson


Cleator Moor Civic Hall, Jacktrees Rd, Cleator Moor CA25 5AU

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about the church

We are a small group who have just planted Church on the Moor in September 2022. We strive to be a Bible-Centred, Gospel Preaching, Christ-Centred community on Cleator Moor. We aim to always be building relationships with people here through sport, groups, being neighbours and community events. So that as we speak of Jesus and his good news, people will properly hear us. We hope people will respond to the gospel, then be discipled, supported, and loved through our little local church.

This has been prayed over and planned for years- our sending church is St. Johns, an Anglican CofE in the next town over. We have joined them and two other local evangelical Anglican churches in their mission community to help each other in mission. Partnered also with FIEC and Medhurst, we do have support as we follow Jesus into unknown waters!

about the Area

Cleator Moor is a former mining town near the Cumbrian coast whose community is divided between areas of deprivation and pockets of wealth. Together with its sister village of Cleator, generations of families live locally, and a sense of community is strong. It was substantially populated by immigrants from the North Eastern counties of Ireland in the latter half of the nineteenth century, leading to it’s nickname “Little Ireland”. Most people here have a vaguely catholic understanding of the world, because of this heritage. Cleator Moor is lucky, in that it’s surrounded by incredible fells, with a lake just up the road- you certainly can’t knock the view.